In2nutrition is a company dedicated to personal nutrition and weight loss. Their technology includes a patent-pending process for dynamically scaling recipes to each person's own macronutrient needs. Led by a dynamic personal coach and fitness guru Jack Yeager, In2nutrition also provides a unique co-branding opportunity for companies and individuals to start their own nutritional sites.

Radar Blue became In2nutritions primary development house nearly two years ago and has provided technical consulting, custom application development and system support. Our team of developers prepared and assisted in readying and deploying the site for the Discovery Channel's 2004 National Body Challenge. During peak periods the site sustained more than 2,000 simultaneous visitors and more than 2 million page views per day.

Our work on In2nutrition includes streamlining the code, countless feature additions including enhanced recipe builders, pedometer, food logging and improved recipe scaling. In addition, we moved the site from a single-tier system on the Windows server platform to a multi-tiered and load-balanced system on Linux Enterprise servers saving our client thousands of dollars a month in hosting costs.

In2nutrition remains a competitive player in the world of online diet sites and continues to raise the bar with its simple yet sophisticated scaling technology.

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