In November 2002 Radar Blue started MonkeyGoods.com as a simple exercise in testing various off-the-shelf ecommerce packages. The site had no domain at the time and was linked to 100monkeys.org as a place where monkey fans could buy a couple of t-shirts and some novelty items. In two short years more than 6,500 customers stopped by our virtual shelves to indulge in everything from plush monkey dolls to t-shirts to movies to household items - all with a distinct primate flare.

MonkeyGoods.com is built on the osCommerce shopping cart system with a MySQL backend. It currently serves more than a quarter million pages per month and, in its second year of operation, exceeded first-year sales by 30%. Radar Blue manages the store, updates software when needed and handles all issues of fulfillment and customer support.

  Breast Cancer Awareness
  California PAL
  Elizabeth Jarosz
  Equator Digital Video
  Hilliard Management Group
  Imagine that Child
  Jewish Community Foundation of LA
  Los Angeles Police Department
  Rob Costlow

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