Radar Blue, Inc. developed Software.com's entire backend based on RBApps -- our object-oriented, Model View Controller (MVC) web framework.

The build provided Software.com's management with complete autonomy over their site including automated feed support to import updated titles from their vendors, content management, zone-based content-placement and advertising, link management and user registration and management.

The system allows for the management of an unlimited number of software titles and reviews without any knowledge of HTML or having to rely on outside developers.

Using Smarty as our View layer allowed for Software.com's designers to have unfettered access to the site's templates -- freeing them to concentrate exlusively on making the site look great without having to worry about stepping on functional code.

  Breast Cancer Awareness
  California PAL
  Elizabeth Jarosz
  Equator Digital Video
  Hilliard Management Group
  Imagine that Child
  Jewish Community Foundation of LA
  Los Angeles Police Department
  Rob Costlow

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